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processor cores

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hey guys. i have a really stupid question for you- when they say 2.4ghz quad core is that 4 different "2.4s" or one 2.4 that can think on a larger basis.
i have a intel centrino duo 2.0ghz on my laptop but my desktop is far behind so i was looking in to getting a new processor to crank things up. i usually just use my laptop for fsx. works fine with ok settings. but i was looking for something a bit better
appreciate the help. thanks

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In my opinion, a good desk top computer is much better than any notebook computer for flight simulation. The processors, graphics cards and screen size are all better with a desk top. Putting a better processor into a computer will always help but many times it's not that simple. Many computer manufactures use motherboards that won't accept new processors. That means that you would have to buy a new motherboard also. Depending on the age of the computer, you may have to buy all new RAM and maybe a new graphics card also. The new boards use Pci Express slots and the old ones use AGP.

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