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hello everyone. does anyone know how to start from the carrier on the free flight menu. i cant seem to find it if it is there at all. thanks for your help. 😀 😀

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you cant start on one in free flight. you either need to download aicarriers2, or fly from a near by airport to a port that has a carrier there. they are in port untill a certain time then they leave and head out along a path and then return to port later on.

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There isn't a carrier on the airport list in FSX (maybe with an addon, though)

You can find them in free flight, though. Just set the Ships and Ferries setting to 100%.

Quote from Razgr1z912

12:30 PM at Norfolk NS on FRIDAY.

Quote from samusi01 at

Honolulu (12 hour voyage)
Depart Pearl Sundays 1645, returns Mondays 0300 after running counterclockwise around Lanai, Maui and Molokai.
Depart Pearl Thursdays 0445, returns Thursdays about 1600, reverses previous route

Everett (KPAE) (33 hour voyage)
Departs Fridays 0715, Arrives San Francisco Saturdays 1800
Departs SFO Mondays at 1915, arrives Everett Wednesdays about 0630

San Francisco (18 hour voyage)
Departs SFO Saturdays 1730, arrives San Diego Sundays 1115
Departs SAN Wednesdays 0515, arrives SFO Wednesdays 2315

Hope this helps


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ok thank you everyone. this helps alot 😀 😀

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