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Hello I have a problem with my radios its started since I attempted installing SP2 for FSX, I then did a system restore as the activation was really starting to bug me and I have tried a uninstall/reinstall.

The radios technically work although they do not display the frequency being used making an ILS approach impossible, I can live with flying a visual approach for now but as I like to use real world weather updates for realism purposes I can sometimes decend into conditions where VFR flight is not allowed let alone making a visual approach

Here's a screenshot to show what the problem is, the problem persists wether or not I use the VC, other cockpit view or bring up the radio panel seperatly

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Well its fixed i'm not exntirely sure what the problem was, every time I uninstalled I would check and remove any residual information in the registry, FSX directory and check to see if any information was left over in the appdata and my docs folder.

Fortunately last night I repeated the process one more time and after installed I fired it up to test it once again any my radios were back, only one problem reaming which isnt exactly game breaking is that ATC keep losing me and cancelling IFR on approach to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl, they then send me off into the sunset/sunrise and return me to cruise altitude if I open the flight plan again

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Looks like the flight/mission was saved with the radio stack turned off at the breaker panel. That's only an eye candy graphic illusion. The ATC subroutines continue to operate (and be heard) even if your plane has NO radios!

By re-installing FSX, you got the breaker switched on, which is the default set-up.

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