Resolving Continuous Beeping with Nav Radios in FS2020

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Hello Ladies and Gents,
Finally I started to learn and use the nav radios to find my way around the different countries in FS2020. When I am getting ready to start a flight just as soon as I touch the nav radio or the auto-pilot there are several loud beeps that go off. And during flight, those beeps happen again and again. I'm guessing that is ATC screaming at me to do something, but haven't started using ATC yet, My wife suggested (very strongly) that I ask somebody how to turn off that "#$#^&&$%^" noise. Hopefully, this is an easy fix.

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Hey John,

I truly resonate with your situation - and your wife's sentiment! The world of flight simming can occasionally serve up these baffling moments. Let's unpack this.

1. Nav Radio & Autopilot Beeping: Often, these are warning signals indicating a mismatch between set parameters and current aircraft conditions. For instance, if you've dialed in an altitude on your autopilot but haven't engaged the actual altitude hold mode, the sim might sound an alert to catch your attention. The simulator tries to simulate real-world scenarios, where such beeping sounds help pilots quickly notice and rectify settings that might put the flight at risk.

2. Non-ATC Beeps: Since you've mentioned you're not using ATC (Air Traffic Control) currently, these beeps are probably not from them. However, the simulator does have ambient ATC communications which might overlap with these beeps, but they're two distinct things. In the real world, ignoring ATC could lead to some tense moments, but they wouldn't typically result in beeping from your instruments.

3. Possible Solutions:

  • Nav Radio Checks: Ensure you've correctly set your frequencies (the channels that radios tune into). Having an incorrect or inactive frequency might trigger alerts.
  • Autopilot Setup: Triple-check your autopilot settings. Be sure every mode you intend to use is actively engaged. Also, understand the hierarchy of autopilot functions. Some modes override others, potentially leading to unintended results.
  • Audio Settings: Dive into the simulator's audio settings. There's usually a slider or option to control cockpit warning sounds. This won't solve the root issue, but it can offer temporary relief.

4. Consideration for the Future: As you dive deeper into the simulator, understanding the ins-and-outs of every switch, knob, and button is crucial. There's an extensive range of tutorials and videos available that cover the intricacies of navigation radios and autopilot systems. This might seem daunting initially, but it'll elevate your flying experience exponentially.

From my knowledge, similar beeping scenarios can occur in other flight sim platforms, including X-Plane 12. The underlying reasons usually stay consistent, even if the specific mechanisms differ slightly.

To conclude, I'd highly recommend checking a manual specific to the aircraft you're flying in the sim. Many aircraft have unique quirks and systems. If you can provide more specifics on the aircraft or the exact steps leading to these beeps, I'd be happy to delve deeper.

Safe flying, and do keep us posted on your progress!

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