Crazy Horse Airlines DC-10

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Crazy Horse Airlines textures uploaded to AVSIM, type my name colin reece in the file search if you want them.
I made a tribute to the great Sioux Chief Crazy Horse, I named the aircraft "Oglala-Brule" which was the name of his tribe, the reg N1877CH the year he died, airline call sign "Dakota."
I have the aircraft stationed and flying from KFSD Sioux Falls to various places.
You can get the base model from look for file


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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

This one is really nice Col! Well done!

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Colin Reece (Col7777) First Officer

Wow, thank you.

It means a lot to me coming from you guys from the States, what I mean is I've done a theme that is from your country and I get compliments, thanks again.


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