My Traffic X for FSX and FS2004?

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I was told it's only for fsx but here it says it for both fsx and fs2004 is this true? also does MY Traffic X slow down frame rates? will it make your game lag? right now my settings are on high for fs9 20 framerates and it doesn't lag at all. i have an e machine...

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Yes its true. I have the version which is called Mytraffic X. Similarly on the same DVD it has the version for FS9.

And to assure you its a brilliant software. It makes flying more realistic by adding AI which really exists in that part of the world. Except for already very airports like JFK,Heathrow where it just adds extra AI. But the solution is when you fly into such airports, turn down the AI to 30-40%

Go ahead and grab a copy for yourself!!!!


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You may want to hang on for Just Flight's forthcoming traffic release that is brand new and just for fsx rather than just a patched 2004 version

Looks really good

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