X49 speedhawk

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for those of you who like interesting helicopters, a guy at hovercontrol just made one of these awesome birds, it's available for download now.
if you want to see some real life pics, see a thread titled "new helicopter"
youtube has some cool videos of it. there is another thread there titled
"x-49 speedhawk" that talks about the new model, with some pics.

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Is this the one?

Fs9 "not tested in FSX".
Piasecki X-49A
The X-49A "Speedhawk" is an experimental helicopter under development by Piasecki Aircraft using the airframe of a Sikorsky YSH-60F Seahawk. Original model by Jordan Moore.


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sorry, i should have posted it in the section for FS-9. thanks for the heads up.


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Ok, I'll give it a whirr... just gotta check all my survival equipment because I know what's gonna happen when I try to land. Help!

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i don't think they changed the cfg much, if at all. it seems to fly just like the normal blackhawk, but i find myself being alot more careful about attitude when i land...

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Oh man, I don't know what is what anymore - I really can't tell ATM whether I actually have JM's Blackhawk. I got a whole bunch but me thinks the ones I've been flying most recently where a little more finicky.

This Speedhawk seems pretty forgiving in terms of piloting skills... or could it be I'm getting better?

Nononono... 😀

Edit: Actually, I think I'll just try the baptism of fire with this one: From OPSD to OPGT... great stretch to try out new aircraft. If you do that, do yourself a favor and use good visibility. No use groping around in the dark in those mountains Fear

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