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today I had a problem with avsim, whenever I log in it says "cookie problem with browser". I have logged in several times into avsim and dowloaded things in the past. I didn't put any add-ons to my browser, firefox, and didn't change my settings. I also tried to login in through internet explore on another computer and it sayed the same thing. It would be great if someone told me what's going on or if experienced it. 😀

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bawls327 Captain

I have same problem. Just got done emailing a guy because I couldnt log in. They said its something on their side so dont worry.

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Orion (ollyau) First Officer

It isn't just you guys, same problem here.

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cheezyflier First Officer

i can say. with the utmost confidence, that i have never turned away a cookie. (unless i knew there was coconut in it)

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Cheeks Chief Captain

@ Cheezyflier 😂 😂 😂 😂 Yup got the problem too 😉

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Tailhook Chief Captain

That's good to know. I actually did a System Restore after having received a Flahgot update and still I couldn't get into the avsim library.

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ab1332 Trainee

guys, thanks for your replies.

But I found out that they were doing maintanace

plus it worked for me today
and should work for u too 😀

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