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Every time i go to, then file library, it tells me, cannot connect to webpage, but it gets worse, after that , none of my webpages will open, eg. msn, yahoo, flyaway, (everything!!!) to fix this, I always have to turn off the comp, unplug the modem, turn back on, then reconect modem, but that doesnt solve the avsim problem. PLEASE HELP MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The problem is the security settings and the acceptance of cookies in IE.
The only way around that is to lower the settings and make certain that avsim is listed as an accepted site in your browser.
If all fails download Mozilla "Firefox only" and use it just for that site, not as your default browser, it has low security setting so it'll work at avsim.


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thanks alot radarman. sorry for this late reply. i think it worked. i hope i didnt mess anything up with the comp during installation though. i dont know if i did it completely right. if anythings wrong, my brother will kill me,.....(lol jk, i love him) but still, for now, i guess im safe (till he comes from work!!!!!)


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If he has a problem that he can't fix let him post it.


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