Wrong Aircraft displayed in multiplayer mode

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John Bolten (kbolt43) Trainee

I'm trying to find out what FSX looks at to determine what other aircraft types are displayed. I have replaced Grumman Goose radial engines with turboprop engines in the aircraft.cfg file. I am trying to duplicate the performance of the Antilles Seaplanes LLC Goose seen at http://www.antillesseaplanes.com/specs.htm Now when I go on multiplayer, other players see me as a King Air 350. I am still using the Goose model and most of the cfg file of the original MS FSX file. Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Luke (warlord40) First Officer

Unless the other players have the exact plane as what you have, fsx will change the aircraft.
And I do embrace exact!

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John Bolten (kbolt43) Trainee

I would really like to find out specifically what fsx looks for... 😕

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