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where can i find his plane or maybe his terrain download, an what other good planes do u guys like to fly, an ne other secrets u have or nething plz feel free to Im me at baseballfool247 on AIM

i wanna know all the secrets stuff i dont already know thnx

talk to u all later

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You can find Danny's plane right out front his house, silly. No seriously, he drives a B707, painted in Qantas livery from the 60s. Looks like a fine piece of gear, and I think they want to make him an honorary Aussie for it.

The terrain's a bit harder. I know he's worth a bit, but how would you know his house from say, Lucille Ball's?

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I live a block from john and kelly, and people where i live respect him, he shops, buy cars and dines out often, he is a good guy....his house is amazing...i have not been it it but know his cable guy....

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John Travolta lives in a community in florida called 'Jumbolair' which is basically a huge runway with loads of houses with thier own taxiways coming off it.

I recently saw it on 'The Fabulos Life Of...' series, I also searched for it for download but couldnt find any files!

Let us know if you can find a free download of it!


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For J.T.'s 707 you have to go here first for the base ➡ (dead link removed)

If the link doesn't work, go to : Historic Jetliners Group and follow the signs to Qantas, next get the B707-138B variant.
Next you have to got to here:

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John Travolta's Home Airfeild: Greystone 17FL
File Description:
DBWsim proudly presents Greystone airfield, centrepiece of the Jumbolair estate which is home to John Travolta. The airfield has been extensively redeveloped, realistically portraying the area. The estate section of the field is also accurately covered including detailed scenery of the Travolta house. A localised landclass optimises the appearance of the area. Some areas have been extrapolated based on the best available information and to take into account future development of the estate.
Link ➡

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Dl'd the Greystone estates which look great. Got in my motor home and drove all over the airport looking for Travolta's house. I think I found it. It's probably the one with lots of columns, a swimming pool and a full size airplane tug parked out in front. John must have been out.

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