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Hi, I have watched a lot of Flight Simulation videos lately, and when most airplanes touchdown, I would hear a sound in the cockpit that would say "500.....100......50 feet, Glideslope...Don't Sink......40....30....20....10" and then the airplane would land. Do you guys know where I can download an airplane that comes with that feature, and does it go on in FS when it knows you are about to land ot is there a certain function or key you have to press to acivate that sound when you land. Please help me get an airplane that comes with that feature and most preferable, a FREEWARE, not a PAYWARE. Thanks.

P.S. What is that sound thing called because I seen it in real commercial airplane cockpit landing views and most commercial jets have that. Anyway, Thanks 😀

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Check this thread out Planeguy GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System or GCWS Ground-Collision Warning System if thats what your refering to

PS: Also there is a EGPWS Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System sorry getting carried away 🙂

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Thanks 😀

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