CH Yoke AND a Joystick at the same time ?

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Here's a question for the Techie people on the forum :-

I'm going to buy the CH Flight Sim Yoke in January, but I was wondering - will I be able to use it simultaneously with my Logitech 3D Force Feedback Joystick ?

There are several reasons why I want to do this :-

- I want to continue to use the "Twist" in the Joystick for Rudder/Steering

- I want to maintain Force Feedback (See the stick moving about)

- I want to continue using the Joystick for AIRBUS add-ons. to summarise, what I'm asking is, when I install the Yoke, will the Joystick continue to work as normal as well, or will the Yoke disable it ?

Many Thanks / Muchas Gracias / Danke Schon / Obrigado / Merci.

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I am not positive that it will work, but I can tell you that my MSFF wheel is fully engaged while I am using my CH yoke and pedals. If I don't flick it off, it fights me for control of my plane. Fear
So, I assume that it would be the same for you.

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Sounds good Mike - sounds as though same theory should mean that I can still use th Joystick for rudder / steering. The Force Feedback has a Spring Centre feature so hopefully the other axis on the Joystick should stay calm and not try to take over !

Thanks again, any other experiances would be great.

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