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Hi all,
im sure this question has been asked before, but what is the best yoke/throttle quadrant out there, i have been putting up with my joystick for too long now, so it time for an upgrade, i like the look of the saitek yoke and the CH products, 6 lever throttle quadrant, moent not too much of a problem im prepared to pay about £250.00 for both. so if any guys have these i would love to hear what ya think of them??



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I don't have either but I know people who have and they prefer the saitek because the shaft is metal not plastic like CH so it doesn't bind.
There are other qualities that are liked also.
The first saitek that came out all had a fault but the later models have it fixed.
If you should get an earlier one they will replace it free of charge.
Check Amazons price against all others.

Good luck and let us know which you have and how you like it.


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Does the saitek pro yoke have force feedback?

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warlord40 wrote:

Does the saitek pro yoke have force feedback?

No, force feedback is an old feature that is generally not available on new hardware. Only one of the current Saitek joy sticks have force feedback.

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