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I recently downloaded and installed the above and when I boot it up everything is there, I get the buttons, the announcements, all gauges are up and running.

Start to taxi and when I flick between the different views the sound just crashes on me for no apparant reason. This has now left me with no 737 to fly (unless I go back to the default one). The sound is fine when I fly any other aircraft, props, jets etc, it only affects the 737.

Anybody else had this problem and know how to resolve? If it's a dodgy sound file then how to I find and fix it?

The only thing I haven't done is change the FSSound.dll to stop the warning coming on at boot-up. That is I do get the warning and just hit 'Yes' to continue into the game. Maybe that is the problem??

Any help would be appreciated, think the added announements are an excellent addition.


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I had a similar problem after I installed the greg737 panel.

My fix was to go into DX9 and change sound properties to 'Basic' acceleration.
That solved the problem for me with no noticeable deterioration in sound effects.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the tip Michael, that does work albeit with the odd snap crackle and pop now and again. As you said there doesn't seem to be any degradation in performance but I only did a short flight to test it out (beforehand I couldn't even get off the ground!!!)...

Still puzzled as to why it's happened but got me 737 back.

Thanks again.

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Michael_H First Officer

glad it helped, you might fine tune it a bit with the sound quality settings in the simulator. I think I had to do that as well when I installed the greg.

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

Am I wrong or was it necessary to change the sound dll in notepad and then add it to the others in the list in the sound folder for the Greg737 to work properly? Somehow I recall doing that. 🙄

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