That old yoke.... pull the rudder one, or I'll throttle you!

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Ok, apologies for the Topic Title, that may be poor British humour that doesn't convey internationally !

I've got a pretty good FS set-up at home now.... a really good spec PC (3.0Ghz, 1024Mb RAM) with a good Video Card (ATI Radeon 128Mb) and so many CD add-ons that my spare room now looks like a Video store !

But I ain't got much in the way of hardware... I have a Logitech 3D Force Feedback Joystick which isn't bad but that's it.

So I'm looking at the CH Products that are available for FS :-

- CH Flight Sim Yoke (includes about 8 programmable buttons too)
- CH Rudder Pedals
- CH Throttle Quadrant

The combined price of these 3 units is around £386 / $500 so it's a pretty serious investment. Of course they don't all need to be bought at once.

I was just wondering if anyone uses 1 or 2 (or even all 3) of these products and what their views are on how they effect / improve the Flight Sim experiance. If they generally improve the experiance, I'll probably go for the Yoke and Pedals, but if people say they just don't work well, I'd perhaps rather spend the pennies on bigger / better monitors.

One of the aspects I'd not look forward to is losing Force Feedback, as this really adds realism - seeing the Joystick move around, re-trimming while the AutoPilot is on, and feeling the forces pushing back when making a steep turn.

So any comments / view / anecdotes, good or bad would be much appreciated.



Off to Denmark tonight in the real world, for 4 days (Boeing 737NG-700), see you Tuesday! Happy Flying.

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

I do have the CH YOKE and the PEDALS . I use to have Microsoft Force Feedback before. If you flying just commercial air planes in my believe replacing joystick with a yoke is a huge step forward. About the pedals it is very nice add on specially flying small planes in bad weather or when u taxing but in my opinion u can do with out it. About the price?? I paid 100 dolars for the pedals and $110 for the yoke so U should see if it is not to much. I got them in the net in the state.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Thanks Rafi - They seem to be a bit more expensive here in the UK (about $160 for the Yoke and $140 for the pedals).

Think I'll go for it in the New Year (skint until January, like most!)... but deffo want to keep my Logitech 3D, as fly quite a lot of Airbus stuff, and will do even more when Just Flight A310/A320 PRO 2004 comes out in January!

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