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Hey Folks,
Has anyone bought PC Aviator's FS Global X2008 Software? It's Hi-res terrain mesh for the earth on six DVD's for $65 US. I'm still pretty new to FSX and would like more detail in my scenery and cities. But I don't want to spend the money if it's not noticeable. The same company makes Megascenery for certain US states, but again I don't know if it is worth it. Any input would be appreciated.
What I really want is more buildings. For example I have my settings set quite high but I really don't see a lot of buildings or detail for let's say New York. But when I see screenshots in the magazines they look amazing. I don't understand what they are doing to get these fantastic images.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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It seems to be more mesh and terrain than buildings.

You can get better from some free, I use their US landclass and now have grass at KLAX not desert.

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HI I have FS Global x2008 and it adds hi res terrain mesh which it does very well. It does not add builds or other type of scenery. But if you want better scenery then take a look at Ground Enviroment X from
Ground Enviroment X is for USA & Canada and Ultimate terrain X adds more accurate landclass, rivers and roads
One other thing FS Global X does not add much hi res terrain to the USA as it already has it, but it does bring the rest of the world to the USA standard mesh. so if you do most of your flying in the USA go for the other two and they are much cheaper as well.

Ultimate terrain X is also available for Europe and Ground enviroment X is coming soon
Hope this is of helps

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