FSX Acceleration Carrier Tutorial Takeoff

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Does anyone know, who can help me with taking off on the aircraft carrier using the catapult please ?

Could someone please post "THE IDIOTS GUIDE", as I have tried so many times with the instructions given on the tutorial.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Not sure if I remember correctly but isn't there a carrier mission in the Acceleration pack.


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Bob (Traches) First Officer

Double check your key commands, if ya didn't accept that option when acceleration installed then you won't be able to use any of the launch related stuff. Pretty much do exactly as the guy says...

Where are you having problems?

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The plate at the back of the jet that is supposed to rise doesnt and how do you know when you are locked into the correct position.

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer

Alright, here is the actual instructions 🙄

Get your front wheel in the red and white box.

Press Shift + U to put the launch bar down.
Press Shift + I to attach to the catapult.
Pull stick back, push forward, and make sure all of the control surfaces are working. (Test the controls basically)
Advance throttle to full afterburner or full military, its your choice.
Pull stick all the way back.
Press Shift + Spacebar to launch.
Slowly lower how much you have pulled back on the stick the farther you have gotten on the cat shot. (If you want...)
After you have confirmed climbing you can put the gear up.

I hope this helps.

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rossi85 Trainee

When I put the full after burners on, am I meant to be in one place or will I move. I was under the impression that I full throttle and am stook in one position til I hit shift and space bar

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer

Yes, you should be stationary..

Make sure you have this

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rossi85 Trainee

Thanks to you all. Thanks to you guys, I have sucessfully done it. Thanks

TommyBoy77 Guest

Having trouble getting the launch barrier behind the F18 to raise. Have tried Control + U and it doesn't move. I think I need to set the key command to do this but don't know what the actual launch barrier is called in the key menu. Help please?

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lionlicker First Officer

The Launch Bar extends out in front of the front wheel gear on the F/A-18. Given you have your front wheel on the Red/White stripe box then press shift[U] - it will extend and connect to the catapult - then you press shift[I] the catapult is prepared. Full throttle then press shift[spacebar] to trigger the catapult.

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