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ok charter was down all day which is bad because as most of you know i play MMO`s and i contacted them about 5x and when i finally told them my complaint through he live chat was "I am sorry to hear that" OMG that was it?!?!?! and they say that i will have blazing fast internet i almost LMAO because even when they were not down i would get horrible lag while playing a online game or just looking at stuff on the forums or website. So just warning you guys.

and if your having a good signal witht hem..great but for me it goes slow.

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Luke (warlord40) Captain

Dont worry mate, your not the only one.I have satalite broadband, the lag is between 800ms and 1.2 seconds, i get complaints all the time, from people who say im cheating, but not so the case,infact its just as hard cause they 'jump' just as much as i do.Unfortunatly nothing can be done, as the signal must travel 36000 km and back.

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