Denali Base Camp Charter Mission

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Hey folks, Seasons Greetings!

It's a good thing I'm not a real Pilot. On the Denali Base Camp Charter Mission you have to make your first landing in the snow. Then, you can choose to pick up an injured person and return to Talkeetna. WHY can I not take off! No matter what I do my plane starts to veer to the right all the time. I end up not being able to pick up speed and my plane just spins slowly in wide circles to the right. I have tried to take off with rudder adjustments, ski's up and down, different flap degrees, etc.
Please help as I am ready to.....

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there is also the chance that you damaged the plane on landing and you're just sliding on the ice. If you don't land soft enough, the prop stops and you're done. The problem I usually have is the exact opposite. I can't stop and end up crashing into the camp before I get to drop off the supplies.

Aim for the 'landing strip' that is marked with the red cones. Then carefully taxi to the tents. If you've had a safe landing, taking off shouldn't be a problem.

Things get a little more interesting from there if you make it to the next stage of this mission.

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