Taxi problems using CH Products Pro Pedals

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I think I have seen something on this before, but can't find it. The problem I am having is my taxiing is mostly out of control using Pro Pedals from CH Products. I have made sure I had all the latest drivers and I have changed the sensitivity levels on FSX and cannot seem to tame down the taxiing sensitivity. Also the brakes are constantly coming on and I am making sure I do not push down on the pedals for braking. Can you guys help me? THANKS By the way, if I turn on coordinating rudder on FSX and just use my yoke for taxiing, it seems to be allot better. But that defeats the realism. I am open to any great ideas.

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Were you using a different controller previously without experiencing this problem? What speeds are you taxiing at? Using differential braking while taxiing shouldn't be a problem. Sometimes it's necessary to use brakes to turn sharper when necessary. The only suggestion I can think of is to taxi slower and use subtle throttle input.

I've been using the CH yoke and pedals for years with no problems.

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Thanks Freedspeak...I had been using CH Pilot Pro yoke and pedals, attached to an older computer (Windows XP SP2) into a game port and that seemed to work OK. Now I have a Dual Core computer with CH Flight Sim yoke and Pro Pedals going through USB ports, running Windows Vista, with a GeForce 8800GT alpha dog video board. I will try your idea and see if that will work better for me. I seem to have worse problems with add the brakes...they just keep coming on

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I figured it out. When I set sensitivity to max on FSX for brakes, they came on even when I didn't have my feet on the pedals. I went into settings and set the control axis's to reverse and turned down the sensitivity levels and problem solved. It is going to be a good day flying with FSX.


I am having a lot of problems, using my new Pro Pedals with my FSX flight simulator. They are overly responsive. Even in the program settings, I am unable correct it. Just to taxi the runway. It is very hard to get and keep the airplane in the center of the runway. With very slight movements it will jerk back and forth. Any help?

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