weird captain...?

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The other day, a friend of mine was enroute from Oklahoma to London, but he said that the captain said, that they would takeoff and climb to 30,000, and then, once over the atlantic, they would ascend to 33,000. Is this normal

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I would guess he's probably intercepting one of those NAT things i hear so much about, or, there's more favorable winds over the water at higher altitudes

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When flying a heavy it is usual practice to "step climb" to cruise alt as at high weight it is impossible to get to FL330. Once some fuel is burned they get lighter and can climb to the required alt.

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Isn't 30,000 feet an altitude for westbound flights?? I thought that they flew at odd thousands eastbound and even thousands for westbound flights. Or does that only apply to aircraft below 18,000 feet?? 🙄

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Levels are swapped throughout the North Atlantic Track Structure (NATS)during different times of the day/night. Eastbound tracks are usually fl320-400 (0100-0800Z)within the tracks, and Westbound levels are usually 310-400 (1130-1900Z). Levels vary North or South of the tracks depending on time for 30w, and direction of flight during the East or Westbound flow. So could depend on the time of day but as suggested normally odds Eastbound!

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