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Is there anyway you can drop your fuel tanks? I heard you can do this in real life, but I'm not sure Geek

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If you mean dump your fuel you can do that by hitting the "Alt" key and choosing from the toolbar.
If you mean jettisoning the tanks of an airliner, I never heard of that. Wait for FEM or one of the pilots IRL.


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As far as I know, there's no way to dump fuel tanks. First thing I though i'd point out is that in the airliners, the tanks are IN the aircraft. If you wanna simulate it sorta...go into the Controls, then the Assignments tab. There should be a command called "Remove Fuel Quantity" I THINK there is one...Assign that to a button command, and dump some gas. Problem is, I think you dump around 15% each time, so it's easier to just hit ALT, and do it from the fuel tab.

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A couple of add-ons have "fuel dump" or jettison features. 747 Ready For Pushback has this capability as does Legendary 727. They feature controls to do this in some of the pop up panels but I've never actually tried it so I don't know if it actually shows the Fuel dumping, or whether it just does the "Remove Fuel Quantity" action that FEM mentioned.

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