Missing gauges after installation c182 nav trainer

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This panel is useful for the training.

after unziping correct file for my FS2004 and changing the path to extract the files, a new c182 nav trainer plane has been addded to my aircraft list. But I have some missing gauges as Digital Trim, digital timer, second vor, digital tachometer and flaps while the others are OK.

Could you help please?


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Look at the read-me that came with the download.
It may tell you to put the contents of the gauge folder into the main FS9 gauge folder and not to leave them in the aircraft folder with everything else.


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thanks Radarman, it works now even if I have no 3D cockpit at all, only 2D.

anyway I appreciate

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Not all aircraft have a 3D cockpit at all - could this be one of them? I suspect that coding it is difficult, and many freeware designers just don't have the time or resources.

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