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Hi I just wanted to ask if anyone knows why~ ~~ ok when i take off i have to pull back almost all the way on my joystik to keep it leval. Any advice also how can i get the cockpit to work. Other than that its great

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What aircraft? Oh ya, concorde. Try taking off at a higher speed.

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or reve your engens up before take off to do so :

*Set brakes to full
*Wait till all the engens reved up to 98 then.

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Make sure you set your trim for take off--gear up as soon as you have posative rate of climb-set autopilot for 250KTS-let it work for you.
I have the PM2 concorde--its a real learning experiance--just wait till you get to the landing stage--you need to plan way ahead, and think ahead of the aircraft

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You said your cockpit isn't working, what do you mean?

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he probably cant get a vc

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