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George Leach (CDR) First Officer

Thanks all for the help as I now can sign in here As you know I'm new to this forum.
George - CDR

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RadarMan Chief Captain

👍 Welcome aboard, join in whenever you like. It's a great group here.


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tomthetank Chief Captain


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George Leach (CDR) First Officer

Thanks for the welcome guys.
One problem,
When you find out I'm a Man United supporter you will never talk to ME .

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Umm... That small Northen English side Umm... I think Ive heard of them ROFL

So you will not be online in 1 hours time ❓ as they will by playing another small English team

I will still talk 🍅 to you


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Riclo First Officer

😎 Aloha CDR, And welcome! As I don't know what Man United is ( my ignorance) I hope you can tell me if it's a team, group, or a belief? Not that it matters here as we are all Fliers, but I'm interested. (tweaked my curiousity) Ric


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