What's your favorite airport in the FSX?

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Mikael (Lentomikael) Trainee

Subject tells it all... So what is your favorite airport?

I like EFHK and EFHF 😎

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drwhoere Trainee


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Llain First Officer

I fly from Edinburgh EGPH , I have the airport from www.uk2000.co.uk great on frame rates I also have Gatwick EGKK

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zakk hutton (chez64) First Officer


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Llain First Officer

Hi i have the st Martin scenery as well it is much better to fly to and from airports with addon scenery

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zakk hutton (chez64) First Officer

get the lukla x from aerosoft thats cool 2

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

I like my home base in the real world, good ol CYBW Springbank Alberta Canada. Although I'm flying the ol Goose out of X44 Miami alot right now.

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stereomatic Trainee

from anywhere in hawai to honelulu intr.

the view is amazing
as well to princes juliana intr.

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oldsamer First Officer

zero zero romeo (00R) in the big piney north of Houston. When you fly with 65 horses you like sea level.

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Westernstyle First Officer

Definetly KMLB (Melbourne INTL FL), TNCM, YSSY, YMML, VHHH

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flightMike Trainee

i have a few i like KBUF,HECA, and EGPF

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Cheeks Chief Captain

VHHX or as it was previously known VHHH 😉

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kin3 Trainee

KBFM - can land anything that flies. Located in Mobile, Al and was formley Brookley Air Force Base.


KSLC (Salt Lake City Intl.) is good for short hops and test flights, there are many small airports (including Hill AFB) really close to it.

FockWulfe Guest

I like Island. It's a small grass strip on a tiny island in a deep valley river in Chesapeake.

pbermudez Guest

I've flown all capitals of all the states in the USA and I love to fly from and to Carson City, to Reno and Lake Tahoe. They are challenging, mostly Carson City and Lake Tahoe

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cavalierjan Trainee

My favourites: Warsaw Okęcie, Kuala Lumpur, Changi, Kai Tak, JFK, Heathrow, Gibraltar, Frankfurt-Main, Warsaw Modlin, Krak√≥w-Balice and Miami Intl.

I prefer big airports in a safe place, meaning no hazardous terrain like mountains. Even though I like Kai Tak and Gibraltar 🙂

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