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Just recently whenever I select an aircraft the engines are always shut down and I have to start them using Control E. All aircraft are the same. Sometimes they will start using Control E sometimes not. I must have ticked/junticked a box somehow.
Any advice would be appreciated. Im using xp.

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Luke (warlord40) First Officer

Some people actually prefer to start ' cold and dark ', but for what its worth, after starting your engines, save your flight, and everytime you restart they should be on, hope i've got that right. 🙄

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antone First Officer

As Warlord40 said - it sounds like you saved a flight as your default with engines off. I think that all the default a/c can be started with Ctrl-E, but not all addons can.

Easiest solution might be to start a flight in the default C172 - it's pretty easy to start the engine, just a couple of clicks. Once the engine is started, change to your favourite plane and save that as your default flight. But you could also learn the "cold and dark" procedures for your preferred planes. That can be interesting.

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