Problems with FS2004 and X52 setup

MichaelDenmark Guest

Hi everybody...

I've just bought the X52, but can't figure out how to do the setup... I did dwnload the setup from, but it this setup isn't exactly what I am looking for. So here are the problems that I've encountered...:

1. How do I get pan view on the sticks' middle tophat?
2. How do I get default front view on the pinkie?
3. Parkingbrake on the "safe" button?

If anyone has a setup, or know of a place where I can download a setup for the stick, that's different from the one on Saitek's website, please let me know...


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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

open FS2004 and go to settings and then assignments click on the proceder like say find set parking brake then double click then click the the button on the joystick u want the command to be hope u understand

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