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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Is anyone else finding it hard if not impossible to start the frigging Maule? Auto start works great, but trying to get it fired up with the quadrant and starter doesn't seem to want to work. Ideas? I follow the check list, but all it does is crank and fart around a little. 🙄

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Mark (totallyfrozen) Trainee

Since I only have the Standard Edition, I don't get to fly that one; but I'll take a guess:
Have you made sure that your battery switch is on?
and your other electrical systems (i.e. generator/alternator) are on?
Sometimes it works alot better when you turn it on 😂 (just kidding).

If it cranks and "farts" around a little...maybe it's just a matter of adjusting the Mixture.

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

I as a 'real world' pilot know the value of following the checklist, which as I recal does mention master switch, mixture settings, etc. I have followed it to the letter and it is one bitch to start. More so than my real Citabria. It starts right away if I simply let FSX start it, but I like to pretend I have some input and like to start my sim A/C the manual way. DC3, Goose, Beaver, etc all start easily, the Maule however does not. Lots of cranking while fiddling with fuel pump, mixture and throttle rarely gets it going. 😎

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oldsamer First Officer

Ya, I've had the same problem.
Happens to me after I've shutdown, saved and exited.
Come back day later and engine will turn over, fire, but not run.
Only fix I know is go out select "new" aircraft (maule), then do normal startup!
If ya don't want ctrl-E.

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Thanks, I'll give er a try. It's kinda fun to fly very similar to my Citabria. Im looking at downloading the Citabria from RealAir... then they aslo have a Spitfire, Hee,hee.

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