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Hi... As we all know, when installing the Waikato aircraft carrier, the aircraft is on the elevator at the lower lever. When trying to place an aircraft on the flight deck by using the map and editing the altitude, heading, location etc, and with the altitude set at 70 feet, the aircraft is
immediately airborn and does not set on the flight deck. Has anyone run
into this problem and what is the cure. Perhaps a configuration in my file
is not correct or something but I cannot find it. It does it with with all aircraft and is the only one that I cannot get the aircraft in position for a catapault launch, all other carriers work normally.

Thanks for any help


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Sorry for the late response, only just saw this post. I haven't tried editing the altitude, heading, location etc. and whether or not editing is possible at all I don't know. I can only tell you about the ways I use the Waikato.
The easiest way (for me) is trapping. I depart from NZWP and use HDG15 approx until carrier is in sight - needless to say I slew on the map if I'm in a hurry. If I manage to trap nicely, the cable should pull me back into a good position for relaunch.
I just tried the following: I flew a chopper and tried to land at the aft part of the deck ....AND AGAIN... I just managed to set down way in front of the cables Evil or Very Mad ...but: I managed to edge backward behind the 4 cables and simply changed aircraft to my cat launch-switch equipped Corsair. In the picture below you see the exact position my chopper was in - about a mile behind the first cable and not lined up properly.

From this exact position after engine start and activation of the cat switch I launched in the usual way without a flaw.
The idea is to save the flight as 'Waikato' or something similar and then all you have to do whenever you want to launch off the Waikato is just select the Saved Flight and change to the a/c you want to use.

I hope this helps a little as it would be a pity to discard this old but unique carrier battle group.

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