Accidentally deleted fsx default a321's

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I accidentally deleted my Airbus A321's from the Airplane file in FSX whilst cleaning up and now cannot find a download that gives me the default files back. When I search for default aircraft it comes up in the description of new only textures downloads for the a321 defaults, and even searching for a321's alone in specific searches for just fsx aircraft brings back only textures downloads.

Where can I find the default a321 from (JUST the aircraft not the textures).

Also if anyone knows where to find the (AIRCRAFT) download for a 767-300ER then I would appreciate knowing where to find it as I wanted to find a monarch testure/skin and add to the file.

Thanks. Cpt Dale. 😉

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Just insert the first fsx CD then click repair it should be back. And as for the 767-300ER they have a few over at simvation But none in Monarch colors.

Hope that helps 😀

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if you still need the A321 you can get it here (uploaded by me)

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Thank you, link still up.

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@drwhoere do you think you could post up a package of all the default aircraft.. I know this seem like a lot but i'm just asking please.

Bart_Booms Guest

I did the same thing, can I have the link to the files?


Could anyone please send a link to download the default airbus 321??

Daboidude Guest

I just did the same thing can someone send me the file to my emaail

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