F 18 Carrier Tutorial Problem

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After making several attempts to land on the carrier I smacked the back end of the carrier. Then when I took off the next time the landing gear would not retract, and I still can not get it to work. The gear does work fine in other tutorials, missions, and free flight. Does anyone know it there is a fix for this, or is there a button in the cockpit that I may have clicked that locked the gear down in this TUTORAL.

Thanks for your help

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so wait, when you load up the carrier tutorial fresh it's broken? and it worked well before you had a bad landing?

Strange... (/me wishes he could have a more constructive comment) 🙂

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Thats right, the landing gear will not rettact in that TUTORIAL any longer. It dosen't work with key, or controller commands. So I am thinking that if someone could send me the complete carrier tutorial file, I could try replaceing it with a fresh one.

If some has a clean file that, wouldn't mind sending, please do so.


Thank you

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This is Acceleration we're talking about, right?

There must be a folder somewhere which contains those flights and logs the ones you have attempted and/or completed. Find that folder and delete at least that troublesome flight and you should be back to normal.

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Make sure your launch bar isn't down (SHIFT + U), that will prevent it from extracting. On final go about 150 then at 3/4 miles go 140 to touchdown. Add some power if you keep hitting the end.

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I figured out the problem. The first few times I launched I when off with a little AFTERBURNER and the gear was retracting. Then after listening closely to the instructor in the tutorial saying that afterburner was not necessary I was using only 50% power on launch and the gear would not retract after. So just for the sake of it I tried afterburner numerous times during launch and the gear would retract every time. So

Even though the instructor says not to exceed 200 knots I don't see where it can be helped if the gear is to be retracted.

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer

.....Read..It helps.

More detailed:

The launch bar will retract automatically when the power goes to 78% (AB Stage 1) unless you're attached catapult. As soon as you fly off the catapult, the bar will retract. Unless you're CLEAN (No bombs,tanks,missiles,etc.), you do not need any more then 60% power.

-Launch Bar - UP (Shift +U)
-Gear - UP (G)
-Climb away from the carrier

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