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Maybe you all know. How can I adjust volume of outside noise

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When you're toggling among the different cameraviews while sitting at the flight deck, I noticed that the noise level is different based on which camerview you're in. The problem is when the "wingview" is selected, the noise is waaay tooo loud. I dont know where I can go to adjust the levels of that noise. I know that during wingview, the intentions are to simulate outside ambience but it's just way too loud. Where can I adjust this?

- Kareem

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Settings / Other Settings / Sound

Obviously individual sounds can also be edited in the sound.cfg but I have no experience in this.

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I'll give it a try.

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Yeah what he said.... I'd play around with the sliders in the sounds screen, or you can do it by having the menu up while in flight. Then you can adjust and go back to the flight, adjust, etc.

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