How to sort my AI Traffic .bgl files?

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Is there any software/program that can help sort my ai traffic files? I have many and from differents sources (woai, MRAI.....).

I want to be able to sort these .bgl files based on airline name and schedule season (e.g summer 2008 etc). Basically so that I can see at a glance which airlines I have got and which period their schedules relate to.

At the moment when I want check this I have to eyball through the whole lot which is frustrating. I know the WOAI installer can store which plans have been installed but the problem is I imported most of these from previous back-ups of the files so WOAI will only show those it has proccessd this time (and of course only WOAI and not other sources) - or so I believe!

I've tried sorting the files by name but sinnce they come from various sources the file names don't always sort in a logical order.

Any suggestions?

Thanks guys

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