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How can I show the AI traffic labels showing Airline, Flightplan, Callsign within FSX?

I went into the FSX.cfg file and changed the respective lines to "1" but they still don't show what I want.

There is no option within FSX menu to change these or is there?

Also, I thought I hade removed the default AI traffic be moving the traffic.bgl file but ATC still annaounces default traffic callsigns.

How to solve these issues?

I'm running Windows 7 if this makes any difference to the advice.


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As far as the labels, check in the settings to see if you have things disabled there, it will override the fsx.cfg.

As for ATC announcing default traffic... Well did you get BOTH bgls out? for big jets and prop planes? Example... some of the cessna caravans flying are flown by the fictitious companies too, so you may still hear calls for those if you only removed the 737 747 etc traffic.

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