FSX: How can I make my plane do a cobra manuver?

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Ok. So. I just downloaded the F/A-37 Talon from Simviation. And I also just watched the movie Stealth. I was wondering, how can I make my F-37 do a cobra like in the movie? I know it's a cfg file thing. Can someone post a cfg file that'll let me do a cobra? I tried using the turn cfg from the IRIS MiG-29 and it sucks when you try to pull a cobra. anybody? Please?

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Maximum upward trim, while using trim make sure you keep pushing down to keep it straight and level. Whenever you're ready, yank the stick!

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Yeah Yeah yeah, but I mean, do you have a cfg sample for a plane that can do a cobra? send it possibly?

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How do you open and close the wings?

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