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Sad day

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Westernstyle Captain

A couple days ago, Sterling Airlines went bankrupt- a good airline with exotic paints. Crying or Very sad The future is to be decided.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

This really is a sad day, the predescor of Sterling was Sterling European Airways, one of my favourite airlines of Europe!!
How many airlines have gone down this year, its getting really serious!

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Cheeks wrote:

How many airlines have gone down this year

One or Two,

Jan-08 ELG Alpi Eagles
Jan-08 BRTJ
Jan-08 CST Coast Air
Jan-08 FFP Prima Charter
Jan-08 VID Aviaprad Airlines
Feb-08 DHI Adam Air
Mar-08 QSC African Safari Airways
Mar-08 JAA Japan Asia Airways
Mar-08 NTW Nationwide Airlines
Apr-08 AAH Aloha Airlines
Apr-08 AMT ATA Airlines
Apr-08 ESS Eos Airlines
Apr-08 OHK Oasis Hong Kong Airlines
Apr-08 VCX Ocean Airlines
Apr-08 SKB Skybus Airlines
Apr-08 SYW Skyway Airlines
Apr-08 SWX Swazi Express Airways
Apr-08 AOL Angkor Airways
May-08 EMX Euromanx
May-08 FEA Far Eastern Air Transport
May-08 SLR Silverjet
May-08 CCP Champion Air
May-08 APKX Air Pack Express
Jul-08 GCO Gemini Air Cargo
Aug-08 SER Aerocalifornia
Aug-08 OOM Zoom Airlines
Aug-08 UKZ Zoom Airlines (UK)
Aug-08 FUA Futura International Airways
Sep-08 XLA XL Airways UK
SEP-08 FGS flyglobespan

And of course Sterling.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Shocked I didn't know FEA went down!!!!!!! Sad
PS: JAA was merged back into the JAL group so technically not really an airline to have gone down. But my word....what a sad, those graveyards are gonna fill up!!

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walesdragon Captain

R.I.P Unfortunate airlines Sad

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Westernstyle Captain

I never knew Zoom went down- Sad

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Bloody hell!

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