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Hey all, I thought I'd start his little thread about what addon aircraft you all have in your aircraft fleet. As the starter of this thread, I thought I might start..

AerialFoundry F-18
Alphasim T-34C
Alphasim AH-64D
Alphasim MH-53
Alphasim SR-71
Alphasim B-52G
Alphasim F-22A
Alphasim JA-37 Viggen
Aerosoft A-10
Aerosoft F-16
Aerosoft F-5E
Captain Sim F-18D
Captain Sim F-117
Captain Sim Space Shuttle
Captain Sim C-130
CLS F-117
AFS Design Typhoon
Coral F-15C
CastelPlanes Carrier
Textron Bell 430
VMC-Produced MiG-29A
VMC-Produced MiG-15A
VMC-Produced Mil Hip Mi-8
Project Opensky ERJ-145
Braeden Peters SU-34
Braeden Peters SU-27
Bruce Fitzgerald M1A1
Bruce Fitzgerald LCAC
Bruce Fitzgerald Talon F-37
Simgameit F-18
Simgameit Destroyer
Simgameit Carrier
Simgameit Cruiser

That's my C:/ drive... Mostly the stuff I use for VMC Operations and Payware. Please note that all the payware in my collection is Legal and also that I won't put anything on Mediafire, etc.

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Wow 😳 I don't buy anything for FSX, only Fs2004, however i have many textures for the default.

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