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Having run FS9 for a couple of years now without any major faults, I recently did a major update with upgraded airports etc.

All appeared fine for a while, but recently I have started to get flickering lines (like a bad video recording) across the screen. It does not happen at first, but after a while of running the flight. The only way I have found of curing it is to save the flight, exit FS9, defragment and then restart my PC. If I just exit FS9 and then restart it, it still appears.

I can only remember this starting after I installed AES, but I may not 100% on this. Any ideas?


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It could be the add-on, the video drivers or your card or computer overheating.

You can uninstall the add-on, get new drivers and clean the fans in your machine and on the card.
All fixable, no $ spent.


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