MAAM DC3 Problem getting instruments to show

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I have finally bit the bullet and switched to FSX. One of the first things I wanted to do after flying the included aircraft is bring MAAM DC3 to fsx.

I installed the version I have which is the 8th edition. When I try to get it to come up in fsx I am missing most of the instruments. Inspecting the panel.cfg file the missing gauges are being called from a RD4.gau (not sure this is the correct name) file I think most of the FSX gauges need to be xml gauges. MAAM does have a 9th edition out. Have they updated the gauges in that edition (I have by the way added the patch from MAAM for FSX which they say older version can use also)

Summary has any one been successful converting an old version (older than the 9th edition) to run successfully in FSX?

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Embarassed Just thought I would up date the thread as the problem I was having was that in my hast to get things running I down loaded the stuff from MAAM to make the craft more compatible with FSX loaded every thing in the proper directories etc. I just neglected to run the exe Embarassed

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