Video Card trouble (Nvidia FX 5200 )

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Hello...I have a video trouble with MSFS 2004 that I would appreciate some help with. I have two Nvidia 5200 dual port video cards connected to 4 monitors. The 5200 card connected to the agp port does well but the 5200 card in the pci slot is causing a strange video problem. While flying in FS2004 the buildings, control tower and other similar structures will flash on and off, or the buildings will be drawn as various flashing shapes. This happens on the monitors connected to the 5200 card in the pci slot. If I turn the aircraft so that the building structure goes into one of the monitors that are controlled by the 5200 card in the agp port the structure will look good. My computer has 512 meg ram and a AMD 2500+ processor. I have updated the video drivers. Any help is appreciated....Thanks

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😳 Twin 5200s 😳

First up,the FX5200 cards are not top of the tree cards,but will work fs9 with the right settings
The AGP card slot can prosess data faster than a PCI slot.(except the new PCIexpress)
Also running fs9 with 512mbs is fine with one card,running the two will cause problems no matter how much onboard mem the graphics card has

Can you up the memory to 1gig?

rcfly Guest

I definately went the budget route when buying the 5200 cards. Other than this video problem the two cards work surprisingly well at lower FS settings and no weather. Knowing what I know now I probably would have invested more money into my video cards. I have several questions though:
1) You said that running 512 meg ram can cause problems. Do you mean video problems or are you refering to computer lockups or stuttering problems? When I keep the setting low both cards are reasonably smooth but when I raise the FS settings the video starts stuttering which I assume is a manifestation of over stressing the video cards.
2) Have you ever seen video distortion caused by over stressing the video card or is over stressing usually manifested in slower video fps rates and stuttering?

Thanks for any help!! 🙂

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Running fs9 with 512 of memory is fine,with one card and reasonable video settings, but remember the PC will use onboard FX5200 memory and system memory.

This version of FS is the most resouce hungry yet.(try one of the free memory cleaners and watch your system ram drop like a stone when you fire up and use the sim)So more ram would help,and is cheaper to try than buying another graphics card
If you are running XP and your mobo supports it,try more ram

I used to run xp2800 with a FX5900GS and 512 mgs ram with only one monitor and had stuttering and flashing graphics if I pushed the settings too high.Ive now added a stick of 1gig(=1.5gig)and with all settings at max I have no problem

A lot of people were dissapointed by the perfomance of fs9 when it 1st came out,because not many of the flight sim players had ever thought of running more than 512gig ram(which was above normal for PCs at that time anyway)

One last thing,the FS9 fix (MS called it the update) have you installed it?as it fix's a problem with autogen scenery(used to hog memory)

Hope it helps

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