Q9400 or Q8400

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I have a quad 1.86GHz processor but I heard someone tell me that that procressor is not very good with FSx at all. They mentioned that the cache and speed is not what one my tend to think it should be being that its a quad.

Should I go with a Duo 2 core 3Ghz instead(Q8400)? or a core 2 Quad 2.6Ghz(Q9400)? The price is higher on the 2.6. Is it just the cache amount that makes the difference and is more efficient for FSX?

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I am satisfied with the performance of FSX on this computer.

FSX Sp2 & Ultimate terrain-X USA on winXp Sp3
intel E8400 3ghz processor (core 2 duo) LGA775 package
intel G31 I/O chipset
2gb corsair 800mhz ram
nvida 8800gtx 768mb

But if I were planing an upgrade, it would be to the i7 LGA1366 package processors. That's the current state-of-art. The way the market is now older processors, chipsets, and motherboards are becoming harder to find sooner. The Q8400 and Q9400 are "older processors". Read more about the LGA1366 i7s at http://download.intel.com/products/processor/corei7/prod_brief.pdf

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