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From Gordon
I Have Flown The ATP Ckeckride In FS 2002 with No Problem
With Several Different Pattern Entrys Witch I Have Read In
Your "Please Help" Forum. I Make 1 Circle In The HoldAround CCC
But When I Am Ready To Exit The Hold And Head 249 To Lokks
I Get A Message "You Are Exceeding The Altitude Limits"
When I Am About 1.5 Miles From CCC And Start To Decend To 1900'.
I Am Using The Flight Director And Autothrottle Is Armed And Set
At 220 Knts IAS With 5 Deg Flaps What Should I Do ?
Also Would You Send Me The Instruction/Source Code
For ATP Checkride FS 2002
I Have Sent This Message Before And Got No Answer ...Please Help
Gordon 😕

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The problem is very few people here and on most forums still use 2002.

Try this.

Found this.

** FS2002 ATP Checkride Tips **
How not to fail during the 'hold'
If you fly a parallel entry instead of the teardrop entry she (The examiner) suggests, you will pass this part of the checkride. Once you are established on the inbound radial and she asks you to request the approach, you will know that you have been successful.
Some suggestions for the hold: fly the reciprocal for about 45 seconds before turning LEFT towards the VOR. You will have to turn onto about 210; watch the RMI & DME and at about 2.6 NM, start a right turn towards 270 - this should get you almost overhead the VOR so that you can continue the turn onto the outbound heading of 090. If you maintain about 200 KTS with flap 1 or 2, your radius of turn will be smaller. Once you are cleared to proceed to Lokks (21.3 miles away), clean up the flap and increase the speed otherwise you could be up there all day or night, but DON'T exceed 250 KTS ... and now for the ILS. Good Luck!!
Previous tips on how to pass the ride do not understand the problem with the hold at Calverton VOR.
The simulator is programmed to end the checkride as a fail if you leave the holding area. This is determined by the absence of a signal on VOR 1. In other words, if you leave the broadcast range of VOR 1, you will fail. More importantly, if you fly DIRECTLY over the station, you will enter the cone of silence and the computer also determines you are out of range of VOR 1 and therefore out of the hold area.
Previous tips suggesting a parallel entry do work, but a teardrop entry is requested and does work, providing you stay out of the cone of silence. Hopes this sheds some light on this small anomaly.
In the ATP checkride the problem with the VOR is that it's crucial to fly directly over it.
You should stay at least 1.2NM from the VOR at any time passing it, so that you avoid contact loss. Any of the entering patterns are suitable.

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Would You Send Me, Or Tell Me How To Get
The Instruction/Source Code For ATP Checkride
For KJFK To KISP Rny 6 2002 Or 2004 😕

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I don't know if what I gave you above is what you need or not.
I never used 2002, I started with a pre-order of 2004 and never flew the missions.

Sorry but I can't find what you need.


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