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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Here's the scoop...
-You are able to found your own Virtual Air Museum, funds are unlimited to purchase ten aircraft of your choice. Which Aircraft would you acquire for your collection?

Capt Scots Picks;

1 P-51D
2 Spitfire MKVI
3 F-86 Sabre
4 T-33 Silver Star
5 T-38 Talon
6 B-17G Flying Fortress
7 F -104 Starfighter
8 DC-3/C-47 Dakota
9 A-26K Counter Invader
10 Douglas Skyraider

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Westernstyle First Officer

Wright Brothers plane
Spirit of St Louis

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

I'd get 10 B-2 Spirits and sell them for a bil a pop, then buy whatever I wanted. Twisted Evil

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

To save you from being prosectued as an arms dealer, you already have unlimited funds. So you can already buy whatever you want. Just give us the list.... Wink

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