Aileron/Rudder Centering Problem!!!

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I'm having trouble getting any key to work for aileron/rudder centering.
I've tried remapping it to different keys, but it never works.
Also noticed some weird things happening when I try to map to the Numer Pad, with and without Num Lock on. Also, my Arrow Keys come up as Numbers, not "up, down,left and right". Anyone else have this problem?
When I went in to check my .cfg file, I noticed I had 2 fs9.cfg's.
One is named fs9.cfg, and the other is named just fs9, but under properties it comes up as a CFG File. Might be part of my problem?
I'm currently using a Saitex X52 FCS. I wonder if this is some kind of compatability problem with the HID Keyboard Device that is installed with the X52.
Thanks for any help,

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I actually just checked mine and I have been having the same problem. When I went to edit my real fs9 I accidentally saved it as a text file instead of the cfg file it is supposed to be. Just make a copy of the original one that comes with Microsoft and rename it with -org in it, like "fs9-org", and then edit what you are wanting to change and save it with the same file name as the original and see if that helps.

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It turns out that the keyboard codes for the arrows are identical to those for the 2,4,6, and 8 keys on the number pad when NumLock is off. So when you assign an arrowkey to some function you are simultaneously assigning equivalents on the num pad.

Suds wrote:

Also, my Arrow Keys come up as Numbers, not "up, down,left and right". Anyone else have this problem?

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