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For some months I've really enjoyed this add-on. The level of detail is really outstanding but a massive problem has developed.

The Airbus fleet won't work anymore.

When you get in the cockpit the engines die. Ctrl E to restart the screens for the horizon and situation display come on. The ECAM screens to the right flicker and die.

No AP functions...the unit is blank.

Take off roll and even though there is no AP control it somehow takes over, autothrottle kills the engines and you crash.

Tried starting up another plane first then getting in to the airbus...Same thing happens. On ground and in the air.

The airbus always had a probloem with the auto throttle clicking in but I could cope with that.

The other Aerosoft machines have problems too. The 146 engines die at 20,000 feet. The ATR has correctable but unpleasant trim problems.

The push back tug and APU have also vanished.

Tried de in stalling, re installing but it's no good.

It seems as if the settings have somehow been messed with. I would have thought that re installing would have restored default settings.

Any ideas guys...I'm now forced to fly the default 737 on the NCL-LHR route. No where near as good as the A319/20s.

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