Wilcos Citation X: Specific 'VIP' animations, VIP Red Carpet

jettaman Trainee

Does anyone know how to "Book" the "Specific 'VIP' animations", so when I get to the assigned parking the Red Carpet VIP/cars will be there?

Here is a few links info on the plane:

What does "Book" mean? To ask for runway clearance/parking ect?

It says:
"Specific 'VIP' animations" allow you to book, while arriving at destination airport, vehicles to correctly welcome your VIP passengers.

Exclusive : V.I.P. Welcoming service animation available at the following airports : Paris Le Bourget (LFPB), Frankfurt (EDDF), New York (KJFK), London Heathrow (EGLL), LAX Santa Monica "Hollywood" (KSMO)

I'm using Santa Monica (KSMO)

Thanks in advance.

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Ha, This looks pritty cool.

Would be good to use it with Air Force one.

jettaman Trainee

That's a good idea. You can, use it with other planes.

Now, how do you do it?... 😕

jettaman Trainee

Well I read the manual, it says:

Wilco's Cessna Citation X offers, for these airports, a V.I.P. welcoming service which can be requested by the pilot. This welcoming service is available on frequency NAV 2 117.50 MHz at the following
• Paris Le Bourget (France - LFPB)
• Frankfurt (Germany - EDDF)
• New York Kennedy Airport (USA - KJFK)
• London Heathrow (United Kingdom - EGLL)
• Hollywood Santa Monica (USA - KSMO)

V.I.P. welcoming request procedure: Park the aircraft at right place (specific spot illustrated at the end of this manual), so that the front left door opens facing red carpet.

Display frequency NAV2 117.50 MHz to trigger the animation and have vehicles come close to the plane.

Display another frequency to request vehicles to leave the tarmac.

Before parking your plane at one of the specific animation spot, please ensure that NAV 2 is NOT yet set to 117.50 MHz. It is suggested to do this check right after landing (NAV 2 frequency is normally not used after landing).
A short delay may occur between the moment you select NAV 2 and arrival of V.I.P. welcoming agents/vehicles. The animated welcome option installed by the Cessna Citation X is then available with all
other aircraft as far as you park at the same place and follow the same procedure to trigger the animation.

But get this! Beware:
The VIP area is in the boonies!...I'm so bummed! At least at the Santa Monica Airport that I use.

It's about 75 yards away from the airport parking area. In the rough!.. Evil or Very Mad

The plane is awesome. But maby wilco should, take care of this.

Maby I can use "Airport Design Editor Release 1.40" thats posted here to make this right?

James Robinson Guest

please help I dont know how to set it ??????????

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