Crashing my ATR 72

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When I first bought and flew my (Eurowings) ATR72 and BAe 146 add-ons, I was able to land ok as I remember....

I've left it a couple of weeks as I've been practicing basic hand flying skills with the smaller craft.

Now, I seem to be totally unable to land either the ATR or the BAe without crashing them every time !

Can anyone out there take a guess at what you think the Approach / Landing speed should be for these types of planes ?

(Both Planes stall constantly on Approach and start to NOSE UP really badly, can't keep the nose down)... I'm wondering if my Flaps are busted!

..Or maybe this is a technical gremlin.... Any help as usual will bew greatfully received!

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I have the ATR42 and I usually set up for a 120-130 kts for approach, Over the fence you need to slow to around 100-105kts, anymore than that I end up floating half the rnwy away. I don't have a functional BAE. The one I dnld could'nt do a damn thing. Something wrong with the dnld. As for jets, the 737 I set up at 140-150kts, the 777, 150-160kts, speed variations due to weight at landing.

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