Loach being chased by Hueys

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This is either very clever effects wizardry or extremely sharp piloting... or a combination of both - check it out - excellent vid quality

Anyone know the name of the movie? Dont Know 😁

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

lol. Good scene, Never seen a Heli dogfight before lol


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Thanks for the HU Morris, you must be a movie buff to have been able to dig up this one - I just ordered it. It's also got Morgan Freeman and Rene Russo in it, two of my favourites.

BTW, if you like the helis there's a nice Loach at Simviation... I think it's by Tim Conrad or just look for the OH-6A Loach 😛

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nevralgico Trainee

Movie is OUTBREAK...its been out for several years

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